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Super-human to swim English channel for young carers visits Young Carers Holiday Club

Londoner, Chris Styles, recently swam the cold and murky waters of the English Channel to raise money for Carers Trust and tick-off his 40th birthday bucket list! His swim took 16 hours, in 2m swell waves! He encountered cruise ships, thousands of jellyfish, chronic pain in his shoulders and being taken off course by the tide in a u-shape! Despite all of this he made it! Chris was inspired to swim for Carers Trust after reading an article about young carers published on the Guardian during Carers Trust’s Young Carers Awareness Week in January and so far he raised £7000.
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For my “nonno”, Pierino

He was 86 when he parked his bicycle by the shed. My grandfather wasn’t a cyclist and his bike was the only luxury item he had to afford in post-war rural Italy. He lived on a steep hill and worked 14 hours a day in an underground power plant down in the valley; most of the nights his bike would become a burden as he was too tired to cycle uphill and yet he had to carry it at home. When he retired I was born. He moved to the seaside and built a child bike seat to carry me
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