Pilot : Supporting Online Carer Self-Assessment

Lewisham Council and NHS Lewisham are working together with Carers Lewisham to develop a greater understanding of how carers access carer assessments in Lewisham.  As a pilot, Carers Lewisham will support carers in the completion of the new online, carers self-assessment tool (in Autonomy), especially in circumstances where carers wish a form completed in their own right.

The pilot will run from early October 2017 to the end of January 2018.  Please note that the full carer assessment will continue to be completed by adult social care staff. The council’s “Support for Carers“ public webpage will reflect some of these changes.

Tel: 020 8314 7777 (single phone number for Adult Social Care, Carers Lewisham and District Nursing)

Option 1– for Adult Social Care, if you have already submitted a carer self-assessment form and await feedback  Email: SCAIT@lewisham.gov.uk;

Option 2-District Nursing Email: SCAIT@lewisham.gov.uk;

Option 3– Carers Lewisham if you need help submitting a new carer self-assessment form ; are referring someone for help in submitting a new carer self-assessment; or need general advice about your role as a carer Email: info@carerslewisham.org.ukVisit: http://www.carerslewisham.org.uk


More details will be available in the October neighbourhood newsletter.