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wills_imgLeaving a Gift in Your Will

Making Your Will

Making a will is one of the most important things you will ever do. It’s the only way to be sure that your loved ones will benefit in accordance with your wishes. It’s also far less complicated than you might think.

Although it is possible to write a will by yourself, it is advisable to use a solicitor specialising in estate and probate law as there are various legal formalities you need to follow to make sure that your Will is valid. You may also need legal advice for more complicated matters. Before you talk with a solicitor, it’s a good idea to think about the following things:

  1. Decide whom you want to benefit
  2. List everything that you own and everything that you owe
  3. Choose someone that will be responsible to make sure your Will is followed
  4. Choose a solicitor
  5. Leaving a Gift in Your Will

A legacy is a special gift left in your will to a cause close to your heart which plays a significant role in providing essential funds to the charity you support, and in our case, in giving carers a brighter future. In addition, because it is a gift to charity, it is exempt from tax, so it may reduce the amount of inheritance tax for which your estate is liable, making it possible for your loved ones to benefit further from their inheritance.

We completely understand that your loved ones come first. All we ask, is that once you are happy that you have taken care of your family, you consider our work and the vital support it offers to our carers.

Types of Legacy

There are many types of legacies you can leave, but the main ones are:

Pecuniary legacy: a gift of a precise sum of money.
Specific legacy: a particular item such as jewellery or property.
Residuary legacy: a share or all of what is left of your estate once your loved ones have been taken care of, and other bills paid.
Changing Your Will

If you already have a will, updating it to include a gift to Carers Lewisham is quick and straightforward. A solicitor can draft an amendment, which is called a Codicil, for a minimal cost. Or you can use the example given below:

I,……… {name}, of ……… [address] declare this to be a (first/second) codicil to my Will dated ………
In addition to any legacies given in my said Will I give to Carers Lewisham, Lewisham Carers Centre, Waldram Place, Forest Hill, SE23 2LB, charity number no. 1073592 the sum of £……… (or specific item/ …… % share of my estate) to be used for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or duly authorized officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge. In all other respects I confirm my said Will and any codicils thereto.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this ……… Day of ………

Signed and Said
……… As (first/second) codicil to the Will in our presence and then by us in (his/her) presence.

[Signatures, Names and Addresses of both witnesses]


In Memory Donations

This could be a very special way to celebrate the life of a friend or loved one. Remember them by asking friends and relatives to make a donation in their memory to Carers Lewisham. This could be given on important anniversaries or perhaps instead of buying funeral flowers.

You can co-ordinate your In Memory donations online through Carers Lewisham’s Virgin Money Giving page.

All donations, no matter how small, are gratefully received and acknowledged.

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