Health Tips for Carers

wellbeingTop health tips for Carers

If you’re looking after someone, look after yourself too. You matter just as much as the person you care for.

Look after your health. Eat properly, try to get some exercise when you can, and make sure you get regular check-ups from your doctor. If you’ve got a symptom you’re concerned about, get it checked out quickly. Don’t leave it to get worse.

Look after yourself emotionally. Caring is hard, and many carers get depressed or anxious. Speak to Carers Lewisham, other carers, friends or family members about how you feel. Tell your doctor if you’re feeling low and ask what help they can give you.

Ask others to help – many people want to help but don’t know how. Give them specific things you need doing and specific times you need them to come. They may well be pleased to be asked.

Make sure you get a break, even for a few hours. This will help your recharge your batteries. Use this for your interests if you can, rather than chores like grocery shopping. You may be able to get some funding to help you do this. Speak to Carers Lewisham about what’s available.

Don’t feel alone. Get in touch with other carers or other people with interests similar to yours. Carers Lewisham have lots of activities you can join to meet other carers. If it’s difficult to get out, Carers Lewisham may be able to help you find a sitter for your cared for person.

Carers Lewisham also run a wide range of activities to help you take care of your own mental and physical well-being such as Laughter Therapy, Back Care, First Aid, Healthy Walks, Health Training, Massage Sessions, Credit Crunch Cookery, Dance Therapy, etc.

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