Do you want to get your voice heard on the issues that matter to you? 

Working with Carers Trust, we are hosting a half day workshop that will give you the skills to launch campaigns to bring about the change you want to see. The session will also set out what rights you have under the Care Act to make sure you can speak up if they are not being fulfilled.

This free Workshop will cover:

  • What carers are entitled to under the Care Act
  • How to plan a campaign
  • How to influence local decision makers
  • How to use the traditional and social media

Where it is : Carers Lewisham, Forest Hill 

Thursday 24th January. 10.00 – 14.00 

Lunch will be provided and Carers Trust will cover travel expenses for carers.  

The Workshop will cover the basics of campaigning so you don’t need to have had any previous experience. We want as many carers as possible to be involved so if you want to make a difference to the issues faced by you and other carers – come along and see how you can do that.

Campaigning can be daunting and we know that carers are busy. But by the end of the Workshop, you will have the skills to launch your own campaigns and be equipped with the knowledge that you can make a difference no matter how little – or how much time – you’ve got.

This is also a chance to meet other carers and find out what issues you can campaign on together locally. If you want to campaign on issues that are important to you and other carers, then this Workshop is for you!

What previous attendees have said:

“97% of carers who have attended previous workshops said that they felt they had the skills and confidence to launch their own campaigns and felt empowered by their increased knowledge of the Care Act by the end of the Workshop. The workshop presentation and being part of a group felt like it built up momentum”.

Carer who attended York Carers Workshop

“The workshop today was very helpful – I have learnt a lot”.

Carer who attended Wandsworth Carers Centre Workshop 

“The workshop was run in a relaxed, friendly yet focussed and informative manner…I can’t wait to make change happen”. 

Carers who attended the Bristol and South Gloucestershire and BANES Workshop

Please note: Carers Trust will also cover reasonable expenses for the cost of any care cover that carers need to put in place to attend the workshop as long as a receipt is provided.