What is a carer?

You are a carer if…

you aren’t paid to look after the person you’re caring for, but the support you provide is regular and ongoing.

If any of the statements below apply to you, we are here to support you:

You help a family member, friend or neighbour that:

  • is frail
  • has a learning or physical disability
  • has a chronic illness
  • has a mental health need
  • has Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • has a substance misuse issue.

You do things like

  • helping someone to wash and dress
  • Helping them to eat
  • taking them to regular health or therapy appointments
  • Doing their shopping
  • keeping them company.
  • giving emotional support
  • paying bills or managing their money and looking after finances
  • supporting them to live alongside other people in your household
  • helping others understand the needs of the person you are caring for
  • cooking and cleaning
  • giving medicine or providing medical care
  • helping someone cope with or seek help for a mental health problem

Register for support

We welcome carers from every culture, race and background.  All you need to do is complete our Registration Form.

One of our Information and Support Officers will call you to let you know that we have registered you and find out how we can best support you.  As soon as you are registered you can start to access our services.  We also accept referrals for carers from professionals and family members.

Complete our Registration Form